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Our Vision

Child with respirator

The Problem:

We are too late to get information to families. The current system is reactive and even when issues present themselves families often endure a diagnostic odyssey trying to determine what is causing the health issue.


It’s too hard for providers of treatments to find the patients that would benefit from their interventions. The data to identify patients for existing interventions, developing interventions or discovering new interventions is limited, fragmented and subscale.


It’s too expensive for healthcare systems to make universal genomic screening available to their populations. The current funding mechanisms don’t enable equitable access to genomic screening.

Our Solution

Pediatric Real World Evidence Platform

Our RWE Platform is a cloud-based, secure and privacy compliant data repository. It links families, providers and industry enabling intervention insights, research and trials and discovery.

Turnkey Solution

Our newborn genomic sequenicing solution offers healthcare systems a turnkey program for designing, developing and implementing an economically viable universal screening platform. A platform that supports early interventions and better outcomes for their populations.

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